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4th - 7th August 2022


Before you contact us with a query please read through the most common questions people ask us. We are a tiny team and the less time spent on dealing with queries, the more time we have to make Valley Fest epic!

Q: What are the dates?
A: 4 – 7th August 2022

Q. How safe will it be?
A. Please make sure you’ve read the Covid Safety requirements so that you know what you have to do to get in. We have also secured an extra field, have redesigned the site to remove enclosed tented venues to improve ventilation and are going cashless.

Q. Where can I buy a ticket?
A. Tickets for the 2022 festival are now on sale! You can find them here on our website and our ticket agent Ticketline.

Q. What does the tiering of tickets mean?
A. Tier 1, 2 and 3 all provide you with the same access and facilities. Each tier has a number of tickets assigned at that price, so our 2021 Early birds are £135, Adult Weekend tier 2 are £155, tier 3 are £175 and tier 4 are £195. The earlier you buy your tickets, the cheaper it is. Buy yours quick to get the cheapest tickets!

Q. I would like a ticket refund as I can’t now make the dates
A. We would recommend you sell your ticket via fanticks which is a site developed by our ticket provider Ticketline as afraid we are not able to offer you a refund owing to that reason.

Q. Help! my ticket hasn’t arrived yet.

A: They will have come from and can end up in spam folders so please do look there. If it isn’t, please email Ticketline’s  who can resend your tickets. You can also call customer services at Ticketline: 0161 813 2222 if you’d prefer. If you bought a printed ticket rather than an eticket, you can get in touch with customer services and check whether it’s been printed and sent yet.

Q. Help! I have lost my confirmation email with my ticket details.
A. Please email Ticketline’s  who can resend your tickets. You can also call customer services at Ticketline: 0161 813 2222. 

Q. Help, I can’t access my email account which is where my ticket was sent.
A. Please email through to to get your email address changed.  Once that’s done Ticketline can reissue the mail to the new address.

Q. I’m a local, I can’t see any local tickets on sale?
A. That’s because we haven’t released them yet, do sign up to our newsletter to be kept in the loop. We only have a limited amount so you’ll need to get in on the action!


Q. Do toddlers and babies need tickets?
A. Yes, everyone on site needs a ticket. This is to ensure we know how many people will be onsite, as everyone, regardless of age counts towards our festival’s capacity.

Q. Can under 18’s come on their own?
A. No, under 18’s can not attend the festival on their own. No more than three under 18’s can come with one adult ticket. If you would like to buy more as you have a large family, please email to book your tickets.


Q. What time does the last act finish on Sunday?
They will finish at 10pm on the Lake Stage and The Yard will finish at 1am. BOOK MONDAY OFF!


Q. Do all weekend tickets include camping?
A. Yes our weekend tickets include camping. Camping is free so you are not paying extra for it. However if you want to leave the site at anytime you can. ENTRY gates open at 9am and close at 9pm. But EXIT gates remain open so you can leave whenever you like.

Q. Can we hire accommodation onsite?
A. Yes, please see our accommodation page for details of beautiful tented structures which you can rent for the weekend.

Q. What time can we arrive on 4th August
A. The campsite gates open at noon. The actual festival doesn’t start until noon on Friday.

Q. Will there be food and drink to buy?
A. Yes, we have some fantastic stall holders serving up their dishes and a bar.


Q. How do I find out directions / Where is the festival?
A. Festival Address: Denny Lane, Chew Magna, Bristol, BS40 8SZ
Valley Fest takes place on an organic farm and we strive to be as green as possible – we’d love you to do the same! Car parking is available on site for £15 but please consider coming via bike, public transport or lift share. You can contact other festival goers on our Facebook page

Q. I’m a coeliac, will there be gluten-free food options?
A. Yes the majority of our stall holders are offering gluten free options however it would be best to double check with them to ensure there will be no risk of gluten contamination.

Q. Can we bring our dog?
A. We have a no dogs (or any other animals) policy, sorry.


Q. Can we have fires in the campsites?
A. Sorry no, you cannot have your own fires or BBQs in the campsites, or anywhere on site. You can bring a camping stove so that you can make that all-important morning cuppa.

Q. How far is the campsite from the car park?
A. This year we have three campsites: Glamping, Lake View and Family Camping. We will be taking you to the Glamping fields and Lake View campsite in a tractor to help you carry your luggage. Family Camping is right next to the car park. In terms of distance it’s 400 metres from the centre of the Family Camping to the centre of the car park, so it’s about a 4 minute walk.

Q. Can I go back to the carpark to get more stuff after I have entered?
A. Yes.

Q. Do I need to book for the Family Campsite?
A. No, just turn up with some kids and settle in, but it is first come first served.

Q. Can campervans and tents camp together?
Those with a campervan pass are able to pitch one tent with each campervan pitch – this is for children to sleep in. If some of your party are in campervans and some are in tents, then you can still eat together in either field.

Q. Are there showers available onsite?
A. Yes, there are showers available in the campervan field and camping fields.

Q. Do you have a limit on tent size?
A. No.

Q. Do you have an electric hook up?
A. Sorry no we don’t.

Q. Do you have any Grey-Water disposal facilities?
A. You can pour it into the ground – please bring along an environmentally-sound washing up liquid so as to limit the impact you have on the bioodiversity.

Q. Do you have facilities for emptying chemical toilets on site?
A: Yes there will be a large container near the toilet block in the campervan field

Q. What is your plastic policy?
A. We run a zero-disposable-plastic site. Therefore, please bring a water bottle with you, However we will be selling Valley Fest drinking cups and mugs onsite


Q. Can I bring my own alcohol?
A. Yes, you can bring an amount ‘suitable for personal use’ and at the discretion of the Valley Fest team. However this is not to be consumed in the main festival field. By way of a guide 8 cans of beer (or cider) and half of a litre of spirits per person in your group would be acceptable. Please do remember no glass is permitted onsite, glass found during entry searches will be confiscated and not returned.

Q. Can I have a BBQ?
A. No, no BBQs are allowed onsite. You can bring a camping stove.


Q. Can I volunteer to get involved/ work at the festival?
A. YES you can! Please see this volunteer page. We do require a deposit (that will be refunded upon completion of your duties) to accept volunteer positions.