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1st - 4th August 2024

We are the regeneration.

It’s up to us to reverse the damage that has been done to the soils and turn it around. We need living soils which produce healthy food and sequester carbon to help us fight climate change.

For too long, soil has gone unprotected, unloved and undervalued.

We are going to change that.

If you want to be part of the solution (or, ahem, SOIL-ution,) then come and join us in the Regeneration Area.  This is for those hungry for hope.

Whether you’re a food lover and want to learn about labelling, a parent wanting to know what you can do to reduce climate change, a gardener keen to know about how best to cultivate your patch, we’re aiming to inspire you to make a difference.  The three day programme is packed with debates, talks and workshops. We’ve got quizzes, dancing and comedy, so whether you’re 4, 44 or 84, we’ll have something for you.

And this year we’re delighted to have Andy Cato (one half of Groove Armada) talk about his journey from pop star to regen farmer. And why soil-focused farming has to be future.

Fifteen years ago, on the way back from a gig, he read an article on farming that changed his life. It made for sobering reading, and ended by saying: “If you don’t like the system, don’t depend on it.”

It was a light bulb moment for him. Cato sold his rights to the Groove Armada songs and bought a farm in France and begun a life changing journey, slowly revolutionising farming. After 13 years in the agricultural school of hard knocks, he’s sharing his learnings in the UK and has been awarded tenancy on a National Trust farm near Swindon.

At Valley Fest, he’ll tell his story and share tips about how we can all play our part in protecting our soil. This is part of a wider programme designed to educate and inspire the audience to eat in a way that positively shapes our future.

We, along with Yeo Valley, have carefully handpicked some companies whose pioneering work we want to showcase. From food, drink, skincare, fresh produce, this is a hub where you can be safe in the knowledge these brands are doing the right thing for the right reasons. And to kick it off, you can find out about Yeo Valley’s incredible soil carbon research project here.

You might already know that Valley Fest has always been held on an organic, regenerative farm. Looking after the land is part of our DNA. In fact, you can find out more about how Luke Hasell, Valley Fest’s founder, farms here.

We’ve always promoted organic and locally-sourced produce at the festival. But as soil is being depleted at such a rapid rate and the climate is changing so quickly, we feel that more is needed to be done.

After all, we are the regeneration.
It’s up to all of us to turn the tide.
And we have time, if we act now.