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29th Jul - 1st Aug

  • Generators are not permitted – there is plenty of good music so you won’t need your own! No sound systems will be permitted on site other than ours!
  • There will be no vehicle movements of any kind in the campervan field or campsite during the festival
  • We cannot save spaces for people, pitches will be allocated on a first come, first served basis
  • Sleeping in cars overnight is not permitted
  • Only purpose built caravans, campervans and trailer tents will be permitted – modified trailers or other vehicles will not be allowed access to the campsite. Estate cars, vans and any other vehicles not designed with in-built sleeping facilities will not be allowed access to the campsite.
  • Campervans need to be under 6metres in length – we only have a finite space available.
  • Please be considerate when pitching your tent. There are no specific pitch sizes but if you arrange your tents in such a way to take up more than a reasonable amount of space for your group you will be asked to re pitch or take some of your tents down
  • In the event of needing assistance, medical or otherwise, please contact any steward or member of campsite staff who can radio for assistance
  • As festival attendees, you will be issued with a wrist band. Don’t remove it as you won’t be provided with another and all those without wristbands have to be removed from site. Campervan pass holders will have a campervan wrist band which will allow you to the campervan field.
  • Please remain vigilant for fire safety in order to keep yourselves and others around you safe – especially if we have another scorcher like last year, fingers crossed.
  • Please don’t camp in the fire lanes in the camping field. These are vital for your safety and your tents will be removed if found blocking a fire lane or track
  • No water source should be deemed drinking water unless specifically labelled as such
  • Please ensure your party know the location of all the facilities, including first aid and how to get help in the event of an emergency.


Open fires and BBQs of any kind are strictly forbidden. We have some beautiful firepits in the arena to warm yourselves by, and lots of delicious food.
You can bring a camping stove so that you can make that all important morning cuppa.