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30th July - 1st August

Valley Fest wouldn’t be able to run without its partners. Primarily our key partner, Yeo Valley. They help to oil the cogs of this party machine, they bring areas to the festival which we couldn’t do alone and, most importantly, they are all decent human beings striving to make this planet a better and tastier one. You can read all about their wonderful work below.

Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley, a family farm in Somerset. They make organic yogurt, milk, butter, and lots more besides. You’ll no doubt recognise tasty products in fridges up and down the country. They’ve been farming for 25 years – you can read their fascinating story – from humble beginnings to now a major mooover (ahem) on the dairy dancefloor.

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The Community Farm

Valley Fest is held in the fields neighbouring The Community Farm (TCF), which provides organic vegetable boxes to around 700 customers in the area.

So what exactly IS our relationship?  After inheriting the land when his parents died, it was immediately obvious to Luke Hasell (Valley Fest Founder) that what they had left behind needed to be shared with others. In 2008, he established organic growing at the site and the concept of a community farm was born. Given its stunning location and proximity to Bristol, it was the perfect place to establish a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project.

CSAs allow you to subscribe to the harvest of a farm – so it’s a win-win way of connecting growers with consumers. Luke was inspired by the many CSA projects he’d seen whilst travelling in the USA and thought the time was ripe for more of this in the UK. The Community Farm became a Community Interest Company co-founded by Luke with over 500 shareholders and is run by its team of staff and volunteers.

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The Food Foundation

The Food Foundation’s vision is a sustainable food system which delivers health and wellbeing for all. They’re involved in changing food policy and business practice to ensure everyone, across our nations, can afford and access a healthy diet. They are a registered charity working in partnership with researchers, campaigners, community bodies, industry, government and citizens to galvanise the UK’s diverse agents of change.