Pegs Quinn

Saturday Tuck Inn

Pegs has been cooking for 18 years and began to focus his interest on Italian cuisine at The River Cafe, London, where he worked from 2014 – 2018. Now owner of his own place, he’s fulfilling his passion for ingredients-led, truly seasonal menus that change daily to reflect the best produce available. 

Husband and wife team Mary Glynn and Pegs Quinn opened Sonny Stores in September following the national lockdown, which inspired them to start selling pizzas from home as The Lockdown Pizza Company. As a new beginning dawned for the nation, they decided to establish a business that would provide a fun, optimistic space for the community to enjoy a delicious range of seasonal Italian food. 

Sonny Stores is a family-run restaurant with a strong Italian influence. Nestled in the heart of Southville, Bristol, we offer a bright and welcoming space where you can pop in for a quick plate of pasta or hunker down for a leisurely three course meal and a bottle of organic wine.