Noda Marvani

Noda Marvani, the owner of Koocha mezze bar in Bristol, finds deep significance in Persian mealtimes, viewing them as opportunities for family bonding. This cultural aspect has been a driving force behind her establishment of Koocha.

Being a vegetarian and later transitioning to veganism, Noda has continually experimented with Persian cuisine, reimagining traditional meat recipes. Leveraging her background in hospitality, she launched Bristol’s first vegan restaurant in 2018, infusing it with the flavours of her Iranian heritage.  

At Koocha, the menu showcases innovative interpretations of classic Persian dishes, emphasizing locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. Noda’s dedication to promoting meat-free dining has contributed to Bristol’s reputation as a global hub for vegan cuisine

In recognition of Her culinary talents, Noda was honoured as a finalist for Uber Eats’ Best Female Chef.

Noda also actively engages with her audience through her Instagram channel, Cook with Noda, where she shares recipes and cooking tips. Noda aims to introduce more people to plant-based cooking