What’s it got to do with Yeo?

We are extremely fortunate to work with a range of partners who make it possible to put on the festival every year.  These events are eye-wateringly expensive to run and without their generous support, there would be far fewer acts and activities. In short, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without them.

Our headline partner is Yeo Valley, a family farm in Somerset. They make organic yogurt, milk, butter, and lots more besides. You’ll no doubt recognise tasty products in fridges up and down the country. They’ve been farming organically for 25 years – you can read their fascinating story – from humble beginnings to now a major mooover (ahem) on the dairy dancefloor.

You might wonder why a yoghurt brand wants to get behind a music and food festival?

Here is Adrian Carne (Managing Director of Yeo Valley) to answer that question:

“We love Valley Fest and are thrilled to be associated with it for another year. This is the number one organic food and music festival in the UK.  It represents everything that we feel is important – Real, Healthy and Forever and it shares our rallying cry of ‘Put Nature First’ in everything that it does. So the fact that it is local to us is a bonus! It gives us a chance to get amongst our local community, have conversations with our consumers, get great feedback and try and find out what they want from us next.  We couldn’t imagine not being there.”

So what can you expect from Yeo Valley over the weekend?   Plans are still afoot (and we’re not going to ruin all the surprises) however feasts, brunches, sweet treats for all the family are on the menu. More details on that later down the line.

Lastly, if you’ve ever asked ”why are festival tickets so expensive?” then check out this video made by The Economist, which will give you an insight as to how the changing music industry has impacted the festival scene:

We do our very best to keep our festival ticket price as low as possible, whilst still putting on a great show and not asking you for more money at every turn. Festivals are not not cash cows, so big thanks to those real cows and Yeo Valley for allowing us all to have so much fun.