Tops Tips for a sustainable festival

Looking after the land is very important to us at Valley Fest, which is why our friends at Boston Tea Party have put together their tips to help you have a sustainable festival:

BYOC (that’s Bring Your Own Cup)

Not only will you help reduce the number of takeaway cups in landfill, but as a thank you, Boston Tea Party’s pop-up festival café will give you 25p off every hot drink, when you BYOC. Saving money and the environment… what’s not to like?

Travel together

Got a spare seat in your car?  Why not advertise it on a lift-share site such as BlaBlaCar, and cut down on the number of vehicles headed out into the countryside.  You might even make a new friend, too!

Use your own water bottle

Frank Water do a great selection of stainless steel and non-PET plastic bottles, plus you’ll be supporting a fun, friendly charity, who do amazing work getting clean water to isolated communities in India.

Ditch the fast fashion

Say goodbye to the high-street and hello to your local charity shop or thrift market when it comes to sourcing your festival threads.  As well as avoiding garments that are mass-produced on the other side of the world, you’ll also ensure your festie ensemble is totally unique – double win!

Biodegradable glitter

Who doesn’t love glitter? The dressing up theme on Saturday at Valley Fest is even glitter and sawdust – we love it! But face glitter is an environmental no-no as it never breaks down. So please bring biodegradable glitter instead.

Say yes to organic

Valley Fest is held on 100% organic land at the Community Farm in Chew magna.  This year all food traders, including us, are offering up an exclusively organic menu. So swing by the Boston Tea Party pop-up café for your morning flat white, made with deliciously creamy Yeo Valley organic milk to get you into the festival flow.

Now, where’s our cowboy boots…