Save Earth’s Skin

Just like skin, soil is a living, breathing ecosystem.

So much of what we consume comes from the soil – from the food we eat and the beauty products we use, to the clothes we wear. It also plays a massive role in the fight against climate change.

And we urgently need to put more time and energy into protecting it. Because just one cubic metre of healthy soil is home to more than 5,000 billion living organisms. Yet statistics show that soil is now being destroyed ten times faster than it is being created.

This is the equivalent of 30 football pitches cleared every minute, according to the World Resources Institute.

And that’s why we’re working with some hand picked partners in our new ReGeneration area, who care as much as we do about soil.

One such company is our old friend Weleda.  They have been caring for soil – aka “the skin of the earth’ – for close to a century, organically or biodynamically growing the plants used to make its iconic natural health and beauty products.

There are now eight medicinal Weleda plant gardens and 50 sourcing projects across the world, and they invest 1 per cent of their annual turnover into climate protection and soil conservation, committing €400,000 to soil-focused projects globally this year.

How cool is that?

And if you haven’t ever tried their Skin Food product, it is truly epic. Most of the Valley Fest team don’t leave home without it.  Make sure you go and try some at their stand which is in the brand new Regen Area.