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4th - 7th August 2022

You don’t get more LUX than this. Take a look at these glorious options. The epitome of cool, sophistication and safety. These wondrous silver abodes come fully fitted with your kitchen, toilet and so much style. Don’t forget your cocktail shaker.

Deluxe (Luxurious modern interiors) £2,100 plus VAT (5%)
Two berths (1 double) Airstreams D,  TAF6
Two berths (2 singles) Airstreams and AF6 – see above 
Three berth (1 double & 1 single)Airstream AF5Z
Four berths (2 doubles) Airstreams FK , AF10
Four berths (1 double & 2 singles) Airstreams EGM,  V

XL Deluxe (Larger living spaces and luxury original interiors) £2,300 plus VAT (5%)
Four berths (2 doubles)Airstream L
Five berths (1 double & 3 singles)HIU,
Five berths (2 doubles & 1 single)AirstreamsAPP2XWAF1AF2 , AF3AF4AF7AF8*, AF9 
*only a curtain separating bedroom from bathroom

To book, please email