Saturday The Yard Hosted by The Jam Jar

Songø is a fourtet from Europe and Africa.

Since 2019, the band have been creating their own version of afro- pop music and delivering intense and powerful live performances.

Versatile frontwoman Sisanda Myataza sings and raps in Xhosa, English and French when she is not busy driving the audience crazy.

From Afrohouse and Amapiano to French Touch and Afrobeat, Songø gathers a variety of influences mixing electronic and organic beats, and leaving space for instruments and groove to express themselves.

Revealed to the world by Transmusicales festival, Arte Concert, KEXP and Eurosonic, Songø are now releasing some new music and touring around Europe & UK this spring/summer (The Great Escape, Esperanzah!, Festineuch’…) 

Sisanda Myataza : Lead Vocals

Mael Loeiz : Keyboards/MPC/Percs/Vocals

Petit Piment : Drums/Ngoni/Vocals

Yoann Minkoff : Guitar/Bass/Vocals