Lou Conran

Lou Conran is a multifaceted entertainer known for her exceptional storytelling abilities. Since 2005, she has been captivating audiences with her stand-up comedy across the UK and Australia, earning a reputation as an outstanding MC. As a writer, Conran has contributed to various platforms, including R3’s The Verb, R4’s The Show What You Wrote, and CBBC presentations with Hacker T Dog.

She has also been a regular contributor to Standard Issue Magazine. Conran’s presence extends to radio with appearances on programs such as R4’s Woman’s Hour, R4’s miniseries ‘You’ve Got To Laugh’, and BBC World Service’s ‘Outlook’. Additionally, she has been featured on several podcasts including The Grief Cast, The Naked Podcast, Do The Right Thing, and What Goes On Here. Her television appearances include roles on CH4’s First Dates Hotel, ITV’s Lorraine, as well as hugely significant roles as an abattoir worker on Emmerdale and a midwife on Hollyoaks.

Conran’s Edinburgh show in 2017, titled ‘I Love Lou C’, received critical acclaim and the show was later adapted for a run at Soho Theatre in London and was a finalist in the Funny Women Awards for Best Show 2017. It is set to be filmed for ‘Next Up’ and is currently in development for radio.

Critics have praised Conran’s ability to craft compelling stand-up material from diverse subject matter, as exemplified by The Scotsman’s review: “Proving you can make a stand-up show about literally anything if the performer is skilled enough.”