Sunday The Yard Hosted by The Jam Jar

‘What on earth is this?! It`s brilliant!’ STEVE LAMACQ 

Hilarious & bonkers & brilliant!’ LAUREN LAVERNE

It’s a trip to listen to and watch’ DON LETTS

It’s the kind of idiosyncrasy that cult fan-bases are built on, and you can’t help but feel it couldn’t have come from anywhere but the land of the rising sun’ – VENUE MAGAZINE

ICHI, from Nagoya in Japan, takes the notion of a one-man band to new limits, combining his quirky handmade instrument inventions (Stilt-bass, Kalilaphone, Balloon-pipes, Hatbox-pedal-drum, Tapumpet, Percussion-shoes & Hattrick-hat) with steel-drum, ping-pong balls, typewriter, toys & everyday objects all in the space of one short set. Somehow there’s an ancient, ritualistic feel to his performances – he’s like the misplaced leader of a tribe. To see ICHI live is to witness something so playful and unusual you know that you’re experiencing something entirely new. It`s fun, it`s danceable, it`s exciting.

With his simple concepts and playful presentation ICHI has universal appeal and tours extensively as a solo artist in Japan, the UK, Europe, and further afield. He has played at many festivals worldwide including END OF THE ROAD, LATITUDE, GLASTONBURY, GREENMAN, WILDERNESS, BOOMTOWN, FARM FEST, IN THE WOODS, GREAT ESCAPE, LATE AT THE TATE, REMIX, CAMP BESTIVAL, FUSION (Berlin), CLOCKENFLAPP (Hong Kong), WOODFORD (Australia), WORDLESS MUSIC FESTIVAL (New York), and MANDSTOCK (Italy). 

ICHI has been making waves and it’s unsurprising that many notable characters have been turning their heads. He is championed by the likes of LATE JUNCTION`S NICK LUSCOMBE, DAVID BYRNE, BBC 6`s STEVE LAMACQ, GIDEON COE, DON LETTS, TOM ROBINSON, LAUREN LAVERNE & CERYS MATTHEWS, while DEERHOOF invited him to play with them in New York, Japan and the UK. When in Japan he performs alongside such artists as ASA-CHANG & JUNRAY, SHUGO TOKUMARU and TENNIS COATS and has had an animation series based on his character for NHK (BBC equivalent), as well as making TV appearances on NHK. His newest album `Maru` and recent single `Week` have been released on Lost Map (UK) and Sweetdreams Press (Japan).  

Also a practicing and exhibiting artist and film-maker, ICHI is often seen with a cine camera in his hand, or his hands rooting through skips for materials for his musical inventions, or his hands in the earth making human sized interactive earth xylophones as he did at Bristol`s FORAGE FESTIVAL organized by QU JUNKTIONS, and STARRY SKIES family festival. He has exhibited in London with fellow musicians-come-artists Francois Marry (FRANCOIS AND THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS- Domino), ALESSI`S ARK (Bella Union), Kate Stables (THIS IS THE KIT – Rough Trade), ROZI PLAIN (Lost Map) and RACHAEL DADD (Talitres). He is also half of ((( On Pa ))), teaming up with contemporary folk artist Rachael Dadd to bring a blend of music, sound experiments and projections to children in the form of interactive shows and workshops.