DJ Elley Phunk

Saturday The Afterburner

‘The Grace Jones of DJing – Bangs harder than most but rarely headlines’
She has 29 years of experience. She’s been involved in the dance scene since the early 90’s. Elley, originally a vinyl DJ started mixing in 1995. Where she swiftly became a well known house and Break beat DJ around the Southwest. Elley quickly picked up a tight and original style as she cuts with confidence. Elley went on to joining an all women hip-hop collective named Dutty Girl, which is Bristol, based, playing old-school Hip-hop, getting the chance to support DJ Jazzy Jeff. 
She also plays festivals, including Boomtown & Glastonbury Festival. 
She has a residency at The Plough Inn Bristol. She runs DJ workshops supporting the youth. Her most recent achievement involved her writing an MA dissertation on the benefits of DJing on mental health, community and self-empowerment.

You can also check out Elley Phunk’s latest sounds on Mix Cloud