DJ Clarky

Back to Mine

DJ Clarky, a dedicated force in the dance music scene with a career that started in 1994. Known for his engaging sets and genuine passion, DJ Clarky has been a cherished regular at Valley Fest since its inception. Whether spinning at the iconic Arcadia Afterburner, the Arcadia “Bug”,  the Tow and Hitch, the Fire Engine “On Fire and Rescued” and this year the legendary label “Back to Mine”, his performances are always a memorable experience.

DJ Clarky’s roots are in and around Bristol, where he began with free parties off mobile systems in the 90s. His journey took him to London, playing at the legendary “squat” parties in disused office blocks in the early 2000s. During lockdown he raised large sums for the charity MIND through live streamed parties and supported other live streamed charity events to help people connect in difficult times. Nowadays, he’s bringing that same spirit to Manchester, with events that have a touch more polish but maintain the same infectious energy. 

In addition to DJing, DJ Clarky produces his own music, often collaborating with local singers and remixing tracks from various artists. His sets are a showcase of the full spectrum of dance music, blending his original tracks with fresh music.

Committed to fostering new talent, DJ Clarky has supported many young people in learning to mix and produce over the years. Balancing his day job as a Headteacher and Leadership Coach serving some of the most deprived communities in both London and Manchester with his passion for DJing, he exemplifies dedication and creativity.

With numerous electrifying performances at Valley Fest  DJ Clarky remains a beloved figure in the festival’s lineup. Stay updated with his latest mixes, tracks and updates on his social media:  Mixcloud And instagram