Charlie Walters

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Introducing Charlie Walters, Head Chef at The Sardine Factory, Looe.

Charlie is 22 and started working in kitchens aged 14. He has worked in restaurants across Devon and Cornwall for the last eight years and now lives in Liskeard with his wife, Leah.

“When I was younger I did a lot of baking with my mum on weekends, but I always wanted to be a policeman growing up. It all snowballed from my first KP (Kitchen Porter) job at 14. I fell in love with it straight away. I remember my parents picking me up from shifts that finished at 1am and then dropping me back off in the morning. It didn’t put me off!”

“I worked in a Michelin star kitchen for six months and that’s where I really started to develop my skills. In terms of my style of food it’s hard to tell and I’m still learning. I love dishes that are simple but cooked perfectly. Working in a fish restaurant for the last two years has also really inspired me. Cooking a main ingredient beautifully and then executing the garnish is so important.”