Black Hawks of Panama

Back to Mine

Black Hawks of Panama is an artist that expresses the experiences of a musical journeyman, who has absorbed a wide array of influences over a lifetime in music. The name ‘Black Hawks of Panama’ was born during his time spent in Panama City and the surrounding rainforests, his epiphany if you like. 

Having been a DJ for some years, residing in Ibiza for some time, and having toured many countries, the Black Hawks sound is the amalgamation of his kaleidoscopic journey. He lays down a house sound that is rich in heritage, taking influences from his Northern Soul roots, as well as Disco, Deep House, Italo Disco, and Chicago / New York House.

Black Hawks is resident for Back to Mine at Pikes in Freddie’s, Ibiza, also performs regularly at Latitude Festival, also Camp Bestival, Café Mambo in Ibiza as well as numerous venues on the road. 

Whilst in the studio Black Hawks of Panama has been spreading his wings. With an ever-increasing repertoire he has forged his productions based on experiences and musical tales of the past and present. 

BHOP has had recent releases on: Hot Creations (UK), Exploited Records (Berlin), Future Disco (UK), Nightgrooves (NYC), Midnight Riot (UK) and Sprechen (UK).