Thursday The Afterburner

Badger is an underground Dance Music producer, multi instrumentalist and DJ from the UK. While his DJ sets and productions revolve around UK Garage, Bass House, and Jungle, it is his unique and innovative take on what’s expected on the genres that makes his sound so special. Badger pushes the boundaries of music wherever he can; always keeping audiences on their toes. His music and shows are an adventure through sound. On stage, he acts as the ultimate tour guide of dance music. Revealing only the best bangers from the old, the new, the undiscovered and the completely unexpected. Alex’s graduation from Bimm Bristol in 2019 marked the birth of Badger as an artist. The progression since then has been nothing short of spectacular. A playlist of unreleased productions sent round to Bristol based promoters instantly landed him DJ sets at clubs such as Motion, Lakota, Loco Club and Highrise. He was also asked to appear on local radio station SWU. His early releases were discovered by Marcus Nasty, leading to a guest mix on the world renowned Rinse FM. In the last few years Badger was discovered by AC Slater (owner of LA based label Night Bass) who fell in love with his weird and whacky sound. He has since become a frequent releaser on the label. Night Bass sent the head honcho of 24 Hour Garage Girls, Shosh, upcoming unreleased promos of Badger, which in turn led to her asking him to do a guest mix and interview on the commercial station Kiss FM. His productions have also received airtime on multiple occasions on BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and Reprezent. Godfather of Garage DJ EZ has also provided Badger consistent track support on his platform Nuvolve Radio. Now a days the booking requests are flying in. Badger is a frequent performer around the UK. Last summer he played at El Dorado, Nass, Secret Garden Party, Boomtoom in his first full festival season. A new batch of unreleased productions have since been doing the rounds among the sets of world renowned DJs such as Skream, Interplanetary Criminal, Main Phase, VTSS, Jyoty, Miley Serious and more. Badger’s choppy grime collab of We Like to Party by Vengaboys seems a particular favourite, and Badger got the chance this track live with them at El Dorado. Badger’s sound is constantly evolving and diversifying. His prolific work rate means that you can expect each performance to have a multitude of bangers that have never been heard before. Ranging through deep dark 2step and breaks, 4X4 swing filled growlers, fun and clever Jungle and Drum and Bass blends, complex emotional melodic masterpieces and everything in between. Most recently, Badger’s music has been picked up and frequently supported by the likes of Interplanetary Criminal, VTSS, Main Phase, Jyoty, Miley Serious and several other critically acclaimed international DJs. His lsingle ‘Backstrap’ also spent a week at no.1 on Beatport in 2023. 2023 has contunued been an incredible year for Badger. He spent a week of January DJing the French alps. In February he spent a weekend performing in Canada followed by countless festivals during the summer including playing the Origin stage at Boomtown. The year ended with a week in Australia during September, which will segue Badger into a huge year for 2024…g