Charity total announced: £12,199

This year we supported Teenage Cancer Trust who will receive £10,145; Jamie’s Farm and the Nicholas Branston Foundation who will be sent £1,027 each. Much of the drive to run the festival comes from the fundraising opportunity it presents, so huge thanks for your generosity.

Bridget Woodard, Regional Fundraising Manager at Teenage Cancer Trust South West says: “Thank you so much! Everyday, 7 young people aged 13-25 are diagnosed with cancer. As one of our largest South West supporters, raising over £10,000, you have helped us fund experts like Hannah, our Youth Support Coordinator in Bristol, to deliver 400 hours of specialist support and activities for young people and their families throughout cancer treatment and beyond!”

And our gift to Jamie’s Farm will be doubled to £2,054 – helping 2,000 young people experience the transformative benefits of Farming, Family & Therapy for the year ahead. This week is their @BigGive #ChristmasChallenge so all gifts to Jamie’s Farm made via the Big Give will be doubled until Dec 10! Can you help too? Donate here:

The money sent to the Nicholas Branston Foundation will be spent on running percussion workshops. They will be offered to the schools in the valley (Blagdon, Ubley, Harptrees, Bishop Sutton and Chew Stoke). Percussion and singing are the two aspects of music that can be delivered successfully in relatively short workshops and can make a huge impact (physiologically and physiologically) on young people.

And we’re not stopping there. We will donate a pound to Teenage Cancer Trust for every ticket bought in December. Could a Valley Fest ticket be the perfect Christmas gift?!