5 Ways we’ll be keeping you safe

You might be wondering what a socially-distant Valley Fest might look like in 2021. Although the finer points for July 2021 won’t be known for some time, we’re working on the basis of creating a socially-distanced festival so that you can have as much fun as is safely possible. 

Here’s what we’re planning:

More space
As we’re in a remote location, we can spread out to give you more space. Space for everything: from camping to traffic flow, drinking to dining. As the situation is ever changing, we’re fortunate to have the room so we can flex to meet the requirements.

You’ll have more space in front of the Lake Stage to allow for your socially-distanced dancing. Not to mention your big moves. If you want a reminder of who is playing then check out our music line up.

Just as before, you’ll be able to book a table and your delicacies will be brought to you, so you don’t need to move.  More information about our feasts is coming next month.

New areas
We’ll be ensuring all our venues have good air flow, so expect canopies and open-sided structures. Stuffy tents? So last year.

Scrupulously clean – everything!
We’ll have more showers, toilets and hand washing stations – all will be cleaned immaculately. In fact, we’re going to give Madonna a run for her money with our own Immaculate Collection.

If you’ve been to socially-distanced events that have worked well over the summer, then we’d love to hear your ideas. Drop us a line at info@valleyfest.co.uk

In short, we’ll be following all of the regulations to keep you safe. Being a small independent festival means we can be nimble and adapt quickly.

As the saying goes: “Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.”