Yama Warashi

Saturday The Yard

Yoshino Shigihara came into 2019 needing a change. The Japanese artist had been based in Bristol ever since co-founding the now defunct Maloya-influenced raucous psychedelia collective Zun Zun Egui. She then blossomed on her own across an EP and two albums of more meditative but no less territorially transcendent records as Yama Warashi. As in her music, though, Yoshino has always had a sense of wanderlust and it was perhaps no surprise that she’d eventually want to move again – this time to London.

Yoshino threw herself into creative London life, working at Café Oto and becoming absorbed by the frequently eclectic and varied improvised jazz that dotted their programming, joining the global psychedelia-inspired 30-piece choir Haha Sounds Collective and making friends with the likes of Trash Kit and Vanishing Twin.

Dividual Individual is a vibrant slice of hemisphere-straddling maximalist pop that elongates and recoils throughout. It’s a song about veganism and the difference between individuals, such as humans, animals, fish, insects, that if you cut into, they die; and dividuals like plants, bacteria and mushrooms that’s cut pieces are able to grow anew.

For Yoshino, though, while the lyrics are important, they’re also largely personal. The drive for her is to get across the universality of her music, to keep an open ear and absorb everything that she can before returning it back out into the world. Moving to London has only strengthened that for her, with new collaborators, fresh experiences and altered perspectives.