The Urban Goats of Bristol (With Street Goat)


Street Goat are an urban goat farming group, whose aim is to connect communities to sustainable food production and regenerative land management.

Their mission is to develop a network of community projects in which local people collectively manage and care for livestock in urban areas, to produce milk, fibre and meat. Street Goat raise the goats locally on overgrown urban land, in turn helping to bring the land back into production for horticultural use.

Join Carol Laslett of Street Goat in the Regen Tent as she shares tales of their remarkable environment-improving work with these awesome animals and the wild escapades they’ve had along the way.

As part of a collective of projects across the city striving for food sovereignty in Bristol, Street Goat give the people of Bristol affordable access to healthy food and contribute to a thriving local food system. 

The project aims to connect families and individuals with the joys of working with animals in nature, improving standards of living for people and goats, regenerating the land and reducing the environmental impact of their food.

Speakers: Carol Laslett and Pauline Chevet

Pauline Chevet

Pauline is a French Masters graduate in Anthropology who join Street Goat a year ago. Initially involved with the project for a research internship, she hasn’t left since. Through her research she got in touch with many persons of the project and has acquired a more global understanding of the cooperative. Although not directly part of a milking site at the moment, she is always happy to join for extracurricular Street Goats activities.

Carol Laslett:

Carol has been an active member of streetgoat since the first public call for interested members. She had no experience at all before that! So had to learn hard and fast. She, together with her husband, took on care and organisation of the grazing herds, working with South Glos Council, Avon Wildlife Trust and latterly Bristol City Council.