The Re-Generation Game 

FridaySaturday Regen

Friday 16:15 – 17:00

Definitely not a rip-off of the gameshow you remember from the days when TVs had twiddly knobs on, no! This is a 100% original creation from 6FootStories that may or may not feature conveyer belts of prizes and cuddly toys. What’s that? You want a drum & bass remix of Bruce Forsyth singing “Life Is The Name Of The Game”? Leave it with us…

To sign up for this show and have a chance to WIN BIG you need to form a “family” team. There are all sorts of different families – we’re not going to ask questions. Just find one of our people and get your names on the list!

Saturday 12:30 – 13:30

Don’t miss this next episode of the Re-Generation Game: Granny VS Grandson, Grandad VS Grandaughter….The gloves are off, the gauntlet has been thrown… No more intergenerational lovey dovey stuff… There can be only One! The conveyor of broken dreams has been ramped up and no-one’s going to win an Austin Maxi!