Friday The Alchemist’s Playground

Redlight: I’ve always tried to live in the moment you know, at whatever age and however the situation, I’ve just aimed to be true to myself and make the most if it. I started really young, growing up as a teenager in and around Bristol in the 90’s. Creating music, art and friendships has been central to everything – for me it’s always been about street culture, independence and productivity.”

Redlight can confidently be placed amongst the UK’s most consistent and exciting producers of recent years. There’s been a slew of stand out releases via his own Lobster Boy label, a UK Top 10 hit in ‘Lost In Your Love’ via Polydor Records, remixes for the likes of Cee Lo Green, Tink ​a​nd Ms Dynamite, and even a recent single with legendary Wu-Tang Clan founding member Raekwon on the ’36 EP’. I was 14 in 1994 when Wu-Tang’s ‘36 Chambers’ dropped, I was just starting to tune into DJing and going to free parties and illegal raves, and the US Hip Hop at the time was such a major influence on all of us. To now be working with artists I looked up to like Raekwon and Mobb Deep in the studio, as well as some amazing fresh talent like Billie Black and Melisa Whiskey, it’s a dream come true really.”

There’s been numerous world tours as a DJ, with an on going 52 week international schedule of shows to perform, Redlight tells us, There’s very few things that match the buzz of DJing for me, I’ve always loved it.” T​hat combined with a growing roster of label talent on Lobster Boy such as Mele, Mella D, New York Transit Authority and Mak & Pasteman that’s been carefully nurtured and pushed, you have an artist riding the pinnacle of the journey so far.

Since the release of his first album X Colour, Redlight has gone on to release three more, with his most recent Radius released in 2021.