DJ Clarky

DJ Clarky has been a resident DJ at Valley Fest since its inception. A local favourite who grew up in nearby Winford, he plays all forms of dance music to keep the festival moving. 

This year appearing for the first time ever in his altered state as, Fatboy Jim, on the Arcadia Afterburner stage – bringing you those Big Beat vibes. 

A DJ since 1990, Clarky and his school pal Luke (who owns the festival) travelled the world together at 18, lived together in London and always found any excuse to have a party. Whether it was in their homes, on the farm with a generator, or even in a disused office complex in Kings Cross in the days of the legendary 2000 London “Squat Parties” he has done it all!  

From Hardcore to Drum and Bass; Big Beat to House, Clarky is present and in effect! Now producing more and more music on the MPC so listen out for some original remixes of the tracks you love. Not averse to playing longer sets you may find him tucked away in corner of the festival taking people on a musical dance journey if you are lucky enough to find him.